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Gilad is an Israeli Indie singer and songwriter releasing his 3rd album, As Time Goes By. His previous album Hidden Flame, combined Gilad's unique music style with classic poems by Edgar Allen Poe, Hemmingway, Kipling, and Frances E. W. Harper for which he received a personal thankyou letter from President Barack Obama.

Gilad performs his own original music on stage, radio and TV. He has been commissioned to write music for theater, choir, and orchestra.

In My Hometown is Gilad's second release from his new album, which he dedicates to his friends in the town he grew up in. This is a song about growing up in the 80s', spending most of the time outside, with a very special group of friends, playing, having fun, and falling in love. 

In My Hometown

In My Hometown

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Previous release

Avigail's Song is Gilad's first release from his new album which he wrote after his 2-year-old daughter fell asleep on his shoulder while listening to Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.