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As Time Goes By

New Album 2022

An original performance of Rock/Pop music 

Avigail's Song / Gilad Hesseg


Everybody's sleeping

Except for you and I,

Everybody's dreaming

It's getting late at night

I look into your eyes

You look into mine

I don’t know what you're thinking

I really want to know

What goes on in your mind


Everybody's sleeping

The radio's on, Qwiet.

"Three Little Birds" is playing

"Everything's gonna be alright"

First time we dance together

First time we are so close

And When I feel your breath

Sliding on my face

I love you a little more



And when you smile

You make me smile

And when you cry 

You make me cry

Everything you need

I will do for you

My little darling girl

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